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E-learning programme

Welcome to the ABN Trainees Innovative E-learning Programme.

This novel e-learning resource has been established by Dr Stuart Vernon, Dr Sophie Russell and Dr Emma Tallantyre in conjunction with the ABN Trainees. The aim of this programme is to provide an open-access series of 20-30 interactive e-learning modules covering all neurology topics in the Core Medical Training curriculum.

Learning modules have been developed around clinically relevant scenarios that junior doctors may face on a day-to-day basis during their medical practice. Using a PowerPoint platform participants are required to combine academic knowledge with clinical acumen to prioritize patients and answer single-best-answer questions. Scenarios have been devised by CMT doctors with a particular interest in neurology to simulate their experiences during on-call shifts, ward-based care and outpatient clinics. To ensure the provision of quality material that recommends best practice medicine, modules are produced under the supervision of a senior neurology mentor before being subjected to peer-review by an ABNT committee member or ABN senior member.

This e-learning programme is free to access for personal study. You are also encouraged to use this resource for local educational activities provided that the authors and web address are clearly referenced.

The Innovative E-learning team would welcome any queries or comments: Dr Stuart Vernon, Dr Sophie Russell and Dr Emma Tallantyre are contactable via email.

E-learning modules

The PowerPoint files are viewed using Microsoft's online viewer - we're afraid it does take a little time for Microsoft to prepare the online presentation the first time you load it, so please be patient, it is entirely outside of our control! Alternatively you can download the presentation to view offline later.

Title Author Reviewer
Acute flaccid paralysis Edwin Jabbari Zhaleh Khaleeli
Blackouts Abigail Masding
Alexander Foulkes
Clare Galtrey
Delirium Deepti Marchment
Helen Devine
Sangeeta Chaal
Headache, acute Stuart Vernon
Emma Tallantyre
Clare Galtrey
Headache, non-acute primary Sanjay Cheema
Rebecca Redwood
Francesca Crawley
Head injury Lindsay Rayner Clare Galtrey
Motor Neuron Diease Thomas Stoker
Onajite Kousin-Ezewu
Francesca Crawley
Seizures in the ED Stuart Vernon
Emma Tallantyre
Alexander Foulkes
Vestibular and balance disorders Gareth Trevelyan
Michael Kinney
James Hrastelj

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